Custom sprinkler controller using raspberry pi


RetroPie NES/SNES emulator built inside original Nintendo console


Custom QR codes: data redundancy experimentation


I saw some custom QR codes made on Hack A Day and was inspired to make my own for my Magic: the Gathering card boxes.

There is a varying amount of redundancy in each size of QR code, and in this case, I could plop a big blue mana symbol right in the middle of the QR code and there was still enough data present to successfully read the code.

Nintendo 64 Controller Grip Ergonomics Mod *IMPROVED*


See part 1 of this series here.

Talk about using InstaMorph to create a hand-molded handle for the controller, and use Plasti-Dip to add friction and smoothness to the grip and analog stick.

I haven’t been uncomfortable playing Minecraft since this upgrade!

Flat tire (nail puncture) fixed with hot glue

2014-09-07 12.48.332014-09-07 12.48.09I ran over a sharp screw with my lawnmower, and the tire quickly went completely flat.

The tire had already had a slow leak due to some sidewall gashes from me rubbing the tires up against the bolts on the chain-link fence. I assumed one of these gashes had just been torn open wider. Since the tire was already pretty beaten up, a hack of a fix seemed perfectly fine, so I got out the hot glue gun. Once the glue gun warmed up, I pressed the tip of the gun into the hole created by the screw, and injected about a half-inch of glue stick into the hole. My thought was that if I got enough glue to go inside the tire, it would create a sort of barb or anchor that would hold the glue plug into place. I made sure not to have any glue extend beyond the surface of the tire; the thought being that rolling over the glue nub would potentially push it completely inside the tire. I let the glue dry for half a day just to be safe, and told Andrea about the fix. She of course had her doubts, since I’ve never demonstrated my ability to fix anything in the past. She said, “just see what happens when you put it under pressure.” So I went out and fired up the compressor. Sure enough the tire filled to full pressure and the glue plug held tight.

I have not done a full mowing session on it yet, so we’ll see how it holds up when put through the paces.

How to set up a new Minecraft server with a website and maps


Garage Door Noise Reduction and Temperature Regulation


This post is about the methods I used to insulate the garage doors using garage door insulation kits and silicon based lubricating spray. [Add photos] [Talk about the noise level reduction measuring using the android dB meter app.]

Arduino Ambilight using Radio Shack RGB LED Strip


Cooling Solution for Media Cabinet

The goal of this project is to create a suction (fan) system that mounts to the hole in the media cabinet through which all of the cables pass. The idea is to make an airtight seal around the hole and all of the cables to maximize the suction of air out of the cabinet.


Sepia Effect with IrfanView

I was trying to make some pictures to put on the hat & mitten bins in the mud room, and wanted to colorize the photos to match the tan bins. I needed a custom sepia effect that matched the tan bins just right, so I used IrfanView. First, I performed “Convert to greyscale” then, I applied these values using the “Enhance Colors” feature:

Enhance Colors Specs

Then, using inscape, I added a vignette and a frame. Here are the final results: