Linux Laptop for a Child


Which Linux OS to use? Some are geared specifically towards children, but are often feature-limited.

Also, use OpenDNS to block all sites, and whitelist only select websites. Then assign the OpenDNS servers to just the Linux laptop (not your router, which would block websites from all networked devices.)

Visual Calendar




I’ve been frustrated with calendar applications since forever, and always wanted one that worked with the way my brain works: how do all of these future events/goals/tasks affect me TODAY? So I came up with my own calendar “app”, called Visual Day. It shows you all future obligations in the context of today, visually. It would be a bar chart with bars that grow horizontally (length of the bar is determined by time remaining), colored by category or some other grouping. The bars would be sorted by importance, a value which would be calculated by the formula: (time to complete task (duration)) / (time remaining).

The time scale is logarithmic, so even events that occur in the distant future can be in the same view.

Idea: invert the scale so that 4.5y is on the left and 3h is on the right, so that the most urgent tasks have the longest bars.

Custom sprinkler controller using raspberry pi


RetroPie NES/SNES emulator built inside original Nintendo console